Best NFT Alpha Yet!!! NFT Archeologist Shares His Biggest Secrets

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Today is Tuesday! You all know what happens on Tuesdays over at the EllioTrades channel…..#NFT Tuesdays! With all of the FUD happening in the #fungible market at the moment, let’s switch the pace up and focus on the sector that we all love to talk about. We have a few special topics lined up for you all today. We have special guest and #NFT Archeologist Adam McBride dropping by to give us some of the best #alpha on historical NFTs. This should be good!

Also, we’re going to cover some of the scams we’ve been seing develop in the #NFT market lately. It’s imperative that you tune in if you want to be made aware of exactly what to look for and ways to stay safe. This is definitely one of the most important episodes to watch today. Will we give you all some #Citizen alpha as well? You never know. That’s why you have to tune in and watch until the end!

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