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Hey! *friendly wave* I’m Andrew, and I’m a crypto lover for other cyrpto lovers like you who are looking to improve their portfolio and trading abilities.

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Hi my name is Andrew and thanks for visiting https://wowcryptocurrency.com I hope it proves to be of value for you.

One rainy afternoon back in 2010 I sat down at my computer with the intention of purchasing a small amount of cryptocurrency and had decided on Bitcoin.
I was unsure whether to invest $200 or $300 but started the process thinking it would be relatively simple as I had been provided with instruction.
Turns out it wasn’t that easy and after several distractions the process was set aside for another day which never eventuated!
Imagine my disappointment upon discovering in 2017 that I had missed out on a great opportunity due to the exponential increase in Bitcoin value!

I have to admit that my procrastination on the day was partly due to a healthy dose of scepticism around the concept of cryptocurrency, fed partly by the negativity of so called financial experts and institutions pontificating on how cryptocurrency wouldn’t last!
Those same individuals and institutions were no doubt busy behind the scenes preparing to establish cryptocurrency trading accounts and exchanges which we now see to be reality!
So for all you procrastinators out there get off the fence! now is a great time to consider an investment in crypto currency however small or big!

I hope this website will provide some crypto ideas and access to software required to make your crypto experience memorable ENJOY!!

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