Doomer joins Crypto trading signals group

Doomer is tired of his wagie job and bad luck in crypto trading. He gets advice from zoomer about his crypto strategy. He tries to join a crypto trading signals group to earn some profits on coins but bogdanoff has a different plan for doomer. Crypto gains? XRP, DOGE and UNI to the moon? We will see in this video…

Any feedback on my videos is welcome in the comments! I’m a new kid on the block who likes making doomer, boomer, zoomer etc. memes, and it would be epic if one day I can become as great as Bizonacci, Dustin O’daffer or MillenniaThinker. Your feedback really helps me in improving my meme animations.

Massive thanks to ZAPINGO (Santiago) for providing the Spanish subtitles for the video!
Follow him on Instagram @nicolas.santi07

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