Dynamic Music For Work — Downtempo Mix — Crypto Trading Playlist

This playlist features inspiring dynamic music with futuristic visuals that suits perfectly for coders, creators, traders and anyone who enjoys cyber downtempo music. This mix is made to help you chill and become more productive. Work smart and enjoy the music!

Smart Working: What is it?

Smart working is known as a new model of work that uses the new technologies and the development of existing technologies to improve both the performance and the satisfaction that is obtained from the job.
Although it is a very broad concept, it would have two key ideas: a more profitable way of working – in many ways, not only moneywise – and the use of technology to carry it out.
The meaning of smart working means exactly what it looks like – yes, nowadays everything is “smart”: telephones, clocks, vehicles… It could even be said that smart working is a natural evolution of the latter, which has added greater mobility and versatility to the features of the “traditional” distance work such as hourly flexibility or comfort.
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Genre: Electronic music, Chillout
Style: Downtempo, Chillout, Future Garage
Mood: Motivating, Energy, Positive
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Almost Vanished – Cherophobia
► 05:22 Sublab, Azaleh – Cosmica
► 10:46 Nereus – Lotus
► 14:09 Andy Leech – Clearwater
► 17:27 Hanz – Bewildered
► 20:03 Michael FK – Sonder
► 24:10 Bloom – Sora
► 29:16 William French – Solstice
► 33:29 Dash 8 – Paradise (Sappheiros Remix)
► 36:52 Senny – Vision
► 40:36 AK – Deep Blue
► 43:53 100 Day Delay – Lantern
► 48:11 Rameses B – Nameless Existence
► 52:50 EMBRZ, Penny Bird Rabbit – Lights
► 56:00 Erthen – Life
► 1:01:23 Nuages – Let Go
► 1:05:28 IHF – Beyond The Sun
► 1:09:11 Fort Road – Cigarettes
► 1:14:03 Marion – High Hopes

📷 Image author
Øyvind engevik
#MusicForTraders #WorkMix #ProductivePlaylist

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