I Spent $10,000 on Pionex Crypto Trading Bots

Crypto trading bots. Pionex trading bots tutorial.
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I have been fascinated with crypto trading bots recently and decided to try out Pionex. Because of this here is a Pionex crypto trading bots tutorial for your viewing enjoyment.

I ended up throwing $10,000 of my own money into these bots to test it out and show the results.

There are other crypto bot types including:
Grid Trading Bots
Martingale Bots
Rebalancing Bots
Smart trade Bots
Trailing Sell Bots
and much more

0:00 Intro
0:31 How to set up
1:30 Crypto bot types
2:33 You know who you are
3:10 Buying and selling bots
3:26 This is for ballers only
3:36 Trailing bots
4:02 Advanced grid bots
4:38 Moon bots
5:12 Lesson I learned the hard way
5:48 Where a bot makes sense
6:58 Risks of crypto bots
7:55 Checking out my $10k bot
8:30 My profits
10:44 My thoughts on results

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