Join Terra Bites live in New York City for the pre-game podcast and presentations during TeFi Alpha: 2021

00:00 Start of live stream
07:00 Andromeda Protocol
16:40 Orbital Command
19:13 Do Kwon surprise and the future of TFL
25:17 Midas
29:06 Interview with a big fan
30:17 Apollo DAO
32:51 Two cavemen chanting and Evan squared
36:54 Intermission
50:55 Do Kwon speech
1:02:49 White Whale
1:04:09 Mars Protocol
1:06:11 Apollo DAO
1:16:46 Sabre Protocol
1:19:05 Angel Protocol
1:31:00 Talis Protocol
1:33:36 Kado
1:34:32 StarTerra
1:47:00 Orion Money
1:47:42 Tales of Terra
1:49:14 Andromeda
1:59:12 Amun
2:04:00 Pylon Gateway
2:08:54 Secret Network
2:10:42 Levana Protocol
2:14:00 Tsunami Protocol
2:14:54 Alice
2:17:00 Q&A with Do Kwon and others

Disclaimer: Terra Bites is for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing on this show is advice – no financial, tax, legal, or any other kind of advice. Nothing we say is an inducement to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy. Anything you invest in is at your own risk; do your own research and consult with professionals.

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