Make Passive Income With NFTs

CyberKongz introduced a successful NFT passive income model where the 1000 Genesis holders receive 10 Bananas a day, which currently generates more than the average Wall Street salary. Other NFT projects are trying to mimic their success. Some notable projects with a NFT passive income model are Bears Deluxe, Cool Cats, SupDucks, Anonymice, and DystoPunks V2. Additional projects will attempt to create a model where holders can make passive income with NFTS. Many will fail, but there will be those that succeed…


How To Get Free NFTs –

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Time Stamps:
CyberKongz Passive Income Model – 0:00
Bears Deluxe – 2:16
Cool Cats/Anonymice/DystoPunks/SupDucks – 3:14
Risks Of Passive Income NFTs – 4:22



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