News Bites Live: January 3, 2022 – Astroport, Binance, Wen Debit Cards!? & More

Terra Bites is back to ring in the new year with the first News Bites of 2022 LIVE including a special guest interview.

00:00 Intro
1:00 2021 Terra Ecosystem recap
3:00 Binance lists UST, Kraken lists LUNA, and other listings
10:00 Bridges supporting Terra and and Stader integration for Anchor
14:19 Anchor deposits reach 5 billion UST; Ozone launch
23:47 Chai, Astroport, Mars
30:20 Y-Foundry DAO, Spectrum
41:48 New Terra Station interface
46:27 Loop Finance, Apollo DAO, White Whale & Kucoin listing rug
54:30 Outlet Finance and UST debit cards
1:27:05 Levana, TerraMoney TV, StarTerraTV?
1:36:48 Kujira, Sigma, Orion, Spar
1:44:40 Suberra, Sandclock, Apeboard, Kado
1:51:05 NFT projects in the Terra ecosystem, OnePlanet NFT contest
2:04:35 Luart, Space Dollars, Deviants, DragonSB
2:16:05 Other games in the Terra ecosystem

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