Polkadot Parachain project Unique Network is Must Own NFT crypto alt coin project!

Unique Network is a blockchain, parachain on which you can build NFT applications, marketplaces, minting solutions, games, launch pads, etc. The difference is that we are focused on building codeless NFT applications and deploying them to any chain (diagnostic blockchain), even if Unique also seeks interoperability.

Inspired by the influence of Cryptopunks, Unique Network launched its first NFT series, Substrapunks, to demonstrate the innovation and alternative ethics that promote the development of Unique Network’s more useful, interoperable and flexible NFTs than Ethereum-based NFTs. Substrapunks is the first NFT on Polkadot, creating 10,000 hat-shaped substrapunks for cypherpunk.

One of the reasons we decided to build our blockchain-agnostic NFT dApp platform on Polkadot is because the ecosystem is booming. Polkadot just hopes that parachain can bring advanced NFT functions to its ecosystem.

Quartz is the Uniques token in Kusam, and UNQ will be the token in Polkadot. The goal of this NFT launch was not only to pay homage to the visual essence of its predecessor, but also to show how NFTs on Polkadot could remove some of the constraints (high gas taxes, more environmental damage, less flexibility). based on Ethereum. -substitutable tokens.

The success of Substrapunks helped us give us the fuel and support we need to develop and launch our marketplace in November 2020. Just as Cryptopunks started the NFT revolution, we believe Substrapunks will be the best example of how Polkadot NFT can be harnessed. The forwarding chain (on both Kusama and Polkadot) doesn’t support smart contracts, so traditional NFTs like Ethereum ERC-721 won’t work there. But in the next phase of Parachain, they will be launched, and then the craze will come into play.

Since everything built on Substrate is compatible with each other, you can start a project on Kusama and then transfer it to Polkadot if possible. I have been a Polkadot ambassador since 2019, and together with RMRK, I am also part of the Kusama NFT strategy. I am not sure if there is a dedicated NFT blockchain that can accomplish all of this. Although the title of this article mentions Polkadot, you should remember that most of the projects we will discuss will be published on Kusama first.

However, for some reason Efinity has no experience with Polkadot, they do not participate in the Kusama chain guard auctions and are not affiliated with the previous community. Hundreds of teams create Polkadot compatible projects on Substrate, and many of them also focus on NFT. Polkadot is a platform that allows various blockchains to pass messages, including values, without trust; sharing their unique characteristics, sharing their safety.

0:00 – Intro
0:55 – NFTs
2:00 – Polkadot NFTs
3:21 – RMRK
4:52 – Substrapunks and Chelobricks
6:35 – Quartz Network
8:20 – Next Generation NFTs
13:30 – Quartz Tokenomics
15:09 – Partnerships
16:33 – UNQ NFT Marketplace
19:00 – Conclusion

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