Pylon Protocol Founder—Terra Yield Redirection, Community Pylon Gateway Qs, Pylon Harbor, NFTs &more

Pylon Protocol’s Gateway pools have been in the Terra news recently, thanks to the MINE, LOOP, and TWD launches. Lots of community questions about Gateway get answered by founder Woojin—plus future plans for withdrawals, pools, governance, Pylon Harbo(u)r, NFTs and Patreon-like functionality, and more!

*For newbies*: Pylon Protocol allows users to use their YIELD from Anchor Protocol to participate in token distribution events—without losing any of their principal deposit. Pylon Gateway ( is currently live for several tokens. Other uses of yield—such as paying for services and supporting creators—are in the works.

00:00 Intro
1:13 Pylon Protocol beginnings
6:00 Community questions on Gateway and Pylon
14:34 Pylon Protocol relationship with TFL
22:44 Confirmed projects in the Pylon pipeline
30:40 Spacecamp projects with Pylon integration and K pop NFTs?
38:26 Pylon and Star Terra similarities
43:14 Potential for third party integration in Pylon

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