Simple Swing Trading Strategy for Crypto | Make 50%-100% Gains Monthly | Beginner Crypto Trading

In this video, we will get into a REALLY simple trading strategy for cryptocurrency that will EASILY make you more than 100% gains every month. This is a beginner-friendly strategy so literally anybody can do this. Also, this strategy is really safe, so the chances of you losing money on this strategy are close to none, and even if you do, it won’t be much.

On a side note, I would like to warn you that this entire video is not financial advice, and is simply me educating you about a strategy that could potentially make you money, so don’t take my words for financial advice.

This strategy is more of a mid-term to long-term strategy, so if you are looking for a day trading strategy, I will be posting one soon.

Bonus tip: If you are confident in the strategy, you can do what I do which is to go on really low leverage (3x-5x max) and hold the position open. This way, you can amplify the gains you make, so instead of 127% on the AION/BTC example, I am actually up 250% right now as I am on 2x leverage. However, if you do decide to trade on leverage, do so responsibly as your losses will be amplified as well. So enter with safe amounts, and don’t risk too much of your account at once.

If you do decide to start crypto trading. It’d really help support me if you could use these affiliate links.


Trading View:

DISCLAIMER: The CBC 5MA indicator is simply a bundle of 5 Simple Moving Averages. I use it because those are the colors that I am used to, but you could simply search up 5MA on the tradingview indicators and it will be the same thing. There is no form of trying to steal CBC techniques as I have long been out of the group, this is just what worked for me. Thank you

Thanks for watching and see you guys next time!

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