Terra Crumbs: Episode 6 – Kado Money $5000 Giveaway!!!

Emery: https://twitter.com/KadoMory

Vince: https://twitter.com/KadoVince

Astroport Lockdrop Sheet: https://twitter.com/0xdef1/status/1470805456805404680?t=S7F0XX3IH1TStdvPD8Yd3A&s=09

00:00 Intro
1:37 Kado $5000 Giveaway
3:47 How Vince and Mory got into the Terra ecosystem
9:38 Kado hackathon experience
17:40 Amani and Kado drama
20:00 Kado Money vision and goals
32:45 Vince and Eli have very different reactions to CoinMarketCap malfunction
40:00 Will Anchor cover incorrect liquidations?
46:36 Astroport Lockdrop strategy

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