THESE NFTs WILL 249X IN 30 DAYS!! (Urgent)

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Hey E.T Fam! It’s Tuesday…and you all know what that means. It’s NFTuesdays! I’m going live to bring you all the latest on what’s happening in the space. For those of you that haven’t noticed, #NFTs are doing the darn thing! Bears Deluxe has delivered 249x gains since its launch at the beginning of September! #CryptoHoots have also delivered over 60x+ in gains. Floor prices are currently rising throughout the space.

Major fashion brands are seeing success in the space as well. The #Dolce&Gabbana nine piece NFT collection (powered by Polygon) that sold for $5.7M on Sept 30th is now worth approximately $6.1M. If you all aren’t bullish on NFTs by now, I don’t know what else to tell you. The world is starting to understand that NFTs are here to stay. Yesterday, Bank Of America released a 160+ page report on crypto….and of course, they made sure to mention NFTs.

I do realize that it is easy to become a prisoner of the moment, and that eventually the hype will die down. This will result in a lot of these projects going to ZERO. However, the blue chip NFTs will remain blue chips. It is my mission to continue to bring you all the data that will allow you get a jump start on the best launches.

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