Updated Tutorial: Three 40+% APR Delta Neutral Mirror Protocol Plays—Win Whether Market Up or Down!

*Disclaimer: not advice. See more below*
Farm 40+% APR with one of these delta neutral strategies on Mirror Protocol! By taking a long and short position at the same time, you don’t care whether the market goes up or down.


See another set of videos on using Mirror Protocol at https://defisteps.com/courses/mirror-finance

Check out a beta farming calculator spreadsheet by the community at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SRtBziAtXlVxs7e8FtlM5xzIjNFMxBT1Oxke6WgDLJk

You can see a chart of the delta neutral idea at https://twitter.com/danku_r/status/1409169207112179721

Read the Mirror Protocol v2 White Paper at https://mirror.finance/Mirror_Protocol_v2.pdf

Stake to the Terra Bites validator to get LUNA and stablecoin rewards, weekly ANC and MIR airdrops, and more at https://station.terra.money/validator/terravaloper1t90gxaawul292g2vvqnr3g0p39tw5v6vsk5p96

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