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Bitcoin ticks up about 10% from the lows earlier in the week, breaching $48K resistance, a test of $50K seems inevitable now.

0:00:00 Stream Start
0:05:05 Show Start
0:07:24 News
0:26:39 $BTC
0:27:30 $ETH
0:29:33 $BTC.D , $ALTS
0:35:09 $DXY
0:35:48 $DIA
0:36:50 $QQQ
0:37:42 $SPY
0:38:57 $XPD
0:39:512 $XPT
0:40:53 $XAG , XAU
0:41:26 $HG , $BCO
0:42:20 $CORN , $NATGAS
0:43:45 $SOY
0:44:29 $SUGAR , $WHEAT
0:45:08 World Markets
0:48:49 Bonds
0:52:01 $TRX
0:57:11 Q: Hedge Up?
0:58:32 $KEEP
1:00:00 $MATIC
1:00:52 $OXT
1:02:19 $XTZ
1:02:45 Q:Sept. Markets?
1:03:40 $LTC
1:04:45 $LINK
1:07:00 $HEX
1:08:45 $KAI
1:10:03 $CRV
1:13:38 Outro/Final Thoughts

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