XRP Declared Long Term Investment! SEC Employees Secretly Bought XRP?

As we move forward in this Ripple lawsuit a lot of things have become clear, especially which side might come out as the victorious one. Recently Ripple has asked the SEC to hand over information that shows if any SEC employees ever traded XRP and it seems there might be some who secretly bought XRP.

Also in the video we take a look at a recent article from Motley Fool, which says that XRP should be a long-term investment. Most investments in the world of crypto should be taken for the long run as you are likely to make the most gains. Especially for XRP price, the future looks bright.

In other XRP news today, the SEC sent a letter to the Judge in response to Ripple’s motion to get personal trading data from SEC employees. This goes in hand with Ripple’s recent victory on getting information regarding XRP being classified as a security. This and more XRP news!


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