Zilliqa’s DAO-structured NFT Marketplace Launch is Imminent; gZIL holders: You’re all invited to…

Zilliqa’s Artist first, Curator led NFT Marketplace launch is imminent; gZIL holders: you’re invited to name it as the first step!

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Greetings Zilliqans, I’m sure that like us, you’re all waiting with bated breath for the launch of our new marketplace — one that we’re proudly designing as a curator-led and artist-first platform that puts powers back into the hands of the creators and diverse global talent.

You’ll see very soon that this platform is being built for everyone’s ease and benefit. Featuring renowned and emerging artists along with curators and brands alike, they will be able to easily onboard, mint, exhibit, and sell their collections as NFTs. Collectors on the other hand, will find the user journey smooth — right from registration purchasing, adding assets to their wallets, selling or even sharing their favourites with the community.

Why is this important? The marketplace represents a key pillar of the creator economy — which is a cornerstone of Zilliqa’s priorities in the coming year. While limitless NFT projects are surfacing by the day — to us, it is crucial we create a distinction between platforms that are commissioning short-term hype NFTs to something that can actually create value for those who need it in a sustained and sensible way over the long run. We need to drive mass adoption, and you can be instrumental to that. What kind of marketplace would you dream of?

Having a brilliant, witty or incentive name will generate strong brand recall in the minds of artists, collectors and those coming into the crypto space. It will be paramount to the success of the marketplace. So vote wisely and exercise your power as a gZIL holder (and this is just the start of unlocking more utility for your gZIL!)

gZIL holders are now invited to propose names that will solidify the brand of our NFT Marketplace.

It won’t end there. Keep an eye out for an upcoming roadmap.

Want a sneak peak of the marketplace? Here you go!

Link to governance portal discussion for naming of the marketplace:


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