ZRC-6 finalized: Enjoy the new-and-improved token standard as you create, mint and share NFTs

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Greetings all,

In December 2021, we introduced and requested public feedback on ZRC-6: The new-and-improved NFT standard to fuel the creator economy. To recap, ZRC-6 will pave the way for Zilliqa as a leading NFT issuance platform and contribute to its energy efficiency as well! ZRC-6 will also enable royalty features (conditional royalty, dynamic royalty, or royalty as revenue streams) for marketplace payments and batch operations for minting, burning and token transfers. With these functionalities, builders, creators and developers will be able to unlock more creative and commercial possibilities.

Thanks to all your inputs, we are happy to announce that the ZRC-6 has now been finalised as the official standard for the Zilliqa ecosystem. This standard will also be used to power our upcoming curator-led NFT marketplace.

In case you’d like to refer to the details:

  • ZRC-6 specification: https://github.com/Zilliqa/ZRC/blob/master/zrcs/zrc-6.md
  • ZRC-6 reference contract with full implementation of all optional features: https://github.com/Zilliqa/ZRC/blob/master/reference/zrc6.scilla

*NFT developers are strongly encouraged to inspect the reference contract and use only the functionalities they need.

What’s new with the token standard?

1. Token URI

In the earlier version of the draft standard, token URI was derived from the base URI and token ID i.e., <base_uri><token_id>. The rationale of this design was to ensure that repeated base URI did not clog up the contract states and therefore were more gas efficient.

However, there are projects where it is desirable to have different base URIs for different token ids. As such, we have updated the specification to support both features.

2. Operator privileges

In the previous specification, operators have the ability to transfer tokens, burn tokens, and add/remove the spender of a token. This gives the operator privileged rights and therefore could potentially be a security concern to the project teams and the token owners. In the updated specification, we have made burning and adding/removing of the spender optional (instead of mandatory) for the operator.

3. Reference contract updates

We have made minor changes to the reference contracts to support the new changes and improve gas efficiency.

4. Why this is great for users

We will continue to enhance the token standard and work on the below elements as per popular feedback:

  1. Metadata schema
  2. Meta transaction
  3. Multi-token standard

Until then users — we hope that you enjoy these features to tap into the growing potential of the creator economy and up-and-coming value-driven models that are disrupting the status quo for global talent.


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