100x NFT Projects MUST HAVE THIS | Alex Beckers Riddles SOLVED | CrypToadz, NFTeams and GSWAP

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The NFT markets have been in a cooling off period this last week. Though i have been staying away from trading this week there are still a few projects flip potential. I am just holding my long term projects and looking for creativity in the space.

We have had a lot fun solving alex beckers riddles (so much we made a dedicated channel for it) and we think we got this one figured out! GSWAP and SHROOM seem to be the projects he is referring to. We Get in early by combining our knowledge together! I would not have figured these out on my own.

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The projects I talked about in this video:

Space Punks Club: https://www.spacepunks.club/
Altura NFTs: https://www.alturanft.com/
CrypToadz: https://opensea.io/collection/cryptoadz-by-gremplin
NFTeams: https://www.nfteams.club/
BYOPills: https://byopills.com/
Hexo Codes: https://www.hexo.codes/

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