2022 Predictions for Crypto, Stocks and the World. What you need to prepare for.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 The 2022 Outlook – Ring the Bell!
01:40 I cannot Predict the Future
1:55 Cryptocurrency name change to Digital Assets
2:23 98k BTC by March to June 2022
3:30 Grayscale GBTC converts to Spot ETF in June 2022
4:20 More treasuries will hold BTC
5:13 Bitcoin Dominance
5:47 Crypto Bifurcation
06:50 Ethereum 2.0 Not Fully Upgraded till 2023
07:45 Layer 2s like MATIC will Process More Transactions than ETH
08:13 SOL increases TPS from 50k to 100k Maybe add their own L2 and SOL moves out of Beta
09:30 Parabolic Crypto Times Are Over
10:05 $hitCoin Casino Collapses
11:03 Inflation Will Continue
11:36 Turkey Will Implode – Others to Follow
12:20 Another El Salvador will land
12:50 Arms race is on to deploy CBDCs and that drives demand for BTC and other Crypto SOV
14:06 Digital Yuan is forced upon the populace
14:49 Crypto Users Grows will 3x and Hit 1 Billion People in 2022
15:40 Hunger for Crypto
16:39 Cynthia Lummis Bill castrates Gensler and Yellen thru proper Crypto Regulation
17:32 Stablecoins Get Regulated
18:19 Tether Timebomb
20:10 Stock Market Outlook – my 2022 S&P500 Prediction
21:04 Block $SQ TBDX
22:20 Traditional Financial Services Will Begin to Get Eaten by Defi
22:55 NFTs will no longer be as explosive (could fizzle out)
23:20 Facebook Metaverse Flops:
24:00 Inflation and Cathie and Disruption
25:23 TSLA FSD
26:31 Genomic revolution
27:12 Biotech Names Recover – Teledoc, Invitae, Crispr, Illumina
28:16 C19 categorized as a Cold
29:00 Real Impact of C19/Lockdowns is Calculated – alcoholism, depression, suicide, loss of IQ
30:20 Trust in Media Falls
31:00 Trust in Government Falls
31:35 China Taiwan / Russia Ukraine + Lithuania
33:00 Higher Education disrupted by Internet and Access. Universities will suffer.
34:00 Thank you for a great year – my first YouTube Year
34:30 US Debt to GDP – Potsdam Agmt – Germany had to make retributions
35:30 Never borrow to speculate
36:30 MSTR Arbitration Model and Bitcoin
38:00 Selling Crypto for an investment in a business
39:00 Big Boy Pants

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