BEST Laptops for Trading Crypto in 2021!

These are the best laptops for trading crypto in 2021, where your priority lies in large screen sizes like 15″ and 17″ with the clarity of FHD, QHD, and of course 4K UHD display resolution across 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio in IPS or OLED color accuracy and contrast ratio for the clearest line graphs and candlestick charts possible. Ignore frame rates like 144Hz and 240Hz, and instead prioritize fast 5G internet connection, powerful 10th and 11th Gen CPU procssors, and a responsive screen with zero input lag to your crypto wallet especially when day trading crypto currency, with models from Lenovo and Razer.

➡ 1. Lenovo ideapad Y700:
➡ 2. Razer Blade 15:
➡ 3. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon:


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These are the best laptops for trading crypto in 2021, welcome to WhichLaptop.

Number 3

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon
When trading crypto, security is the highest priority. That advice is largely software based, such as using secure keys and crypto wallets, but when choosing a hardware wallet, you want it to be based on the most up-to-date and actively supported hardware on the market. That’s why The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is powered by the cutting edge 11th Gen Intel i7 processors, that also ensures your machine will execute your trades as fast as electronically possible.

With a super-fast 5G connection, your signals will travel faster than other traders. It’s possibly optimistic to think that you’re executing trades so quickly that your internet speed is the bottleneck and not your own fingers, but then again, why not? The super speed connection doesn’t even make it the most expensive option on this list. The 16:10 aspect ratio is also beneficial for viewing charts with greater vertical detail than the more common 16:9 found in other, less trading optimised, laptops.

Number 2

Razer Blade 15
As we already know, speed is essential, as is having a nice big screen. The Razer Blade 15, when customised, could be the most powerful gaming laptop out there, with a screen size up to 17 inches if you have the budget for the Blade 17. But how powerful is it?

With RTX 30 series graphics, dual M.2 storage, and vapor chamber cooling for consistent throttle-free performance, you can sleep easy knowing that you genuinely have the fastest possible data speeds possible in consumer computer hardware.

The base model on screen only features an FHD 144Hz screen, but it can be upgraded to QHD at 240Hz or even OLED 4K on a 60Hz touch screen. Refresh rates aren’t of any importance to crypto traders, as most of your screen will be static most of the time, 60Hz is totally fine, but the high resolution will provide the best possible detail, and the touch screen options will enhance your control so you can interact with your charts and measurement tools in the most tactile way possible.

Number 1

Lenovo ideapad Y700
It’s easy to go overkill on specs for a trading laptop, and it’s best to focus on a nice clear screen, in this case UHD IPS, which is, in short, the best you can get.

The Y700 comes with a bright illuminated keyboard, just in case you’re up at night still reading those charts. With immersive JBL speakers, you can enjoy a little entertainment on your system while your money multiplies in the background. We found the camera system particularly interesting – with Intel real Sense 3D camera system, you can take conference calls and handle business as if you were there on the trading floor. And it comes in a few different sizes, so you can view your graphs accurately and at a comfortable size.

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