Deviants Factions: Terra NFT Play2Earn, Tournaments, Perpetual UST Prizes, New Announcements!

Packed with announcements: Deviants Tournament Prize Pools Using Anchor, New Team Member, Final Mint of Launch Starter Packs, Guilds, Crafting, and More!

Deviants is a “play to earn” NFT customizable card game on the Terra blockchain, featuring decks of 8 tradable cards, 4 ideological factions, and hundreds of unique characters.

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00:00 Intro
1:00 Deviants team introduction
4:38 Pete’s final episode of Terra Bites?
7:19 How Deviants started and mechanics of the game
18:25 Deviants play testing and video trailer
22:30 First mint for Deviants starter pack
32:15 Deviants roadmap and yield system
40:06 Tokenomics and Gamified second mint
45:07 Deviants art and card drop
52:08 Balancing decks and game mechanics

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