LUNA updates: $150 million Terra Ecosystem Fund, White Whale, Astral Payments, Anchor updates, more!

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Terra LUNA’s ecosystem, including the Mirror synthetic stocks platform and the Anchor Protocol stable savings platform, has a lot of news this week!

00:00 Intro
0:37 $150 million committed to Terra ecosystem
2:23 Mirror ARKK, Lido Finance votes in more validators
6:02 Unslashed Finance, Terra content bounty program
8:20 Harvest’s Terra UST stablecoin vault
10:00 Pylon staking, TerraDrops, Astral Money, White Whale
12:07 Project Spotlight: Secret Network

Plus, new community projects have been arrived like TerraDrops, Astral Money’s Astral Payments, and White Whale.

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