Monsterbuds Is this NFT project the next 1000X Moonshot?? Price soring Monsterbuds just Minted!!

Monsterbuds just minted this morning and they are already one of the hottest NFT projects on the Ethereum Blockchain. Monsterbuds is an NFT collection of 10,420 hand drawn pieces. This is not just an NFT collection as there will also be gaming and breeding associated with this NFT collection.

Despite it being early this project has the attention of the Cyberkongz Community as well as big Cryptocurrency personalities like Elliotrades. Do your own research, NFTs are very risky and this is not financial advice. But look into this project while you can because from a price perspective Monsterbuds may soon be out of reach for most.

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Again NFTs are very risky, don’t put any money you can’t afford to completely lose into projects like the ones discussed here today.

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