Mutant Cats DAO Treasury – A NEW ish Kind of NFT Project (Utility, Staking, Passive Income, $FISH)

Mutant Cats DAO – the 1st massive, unstoppable, community-owned NFT whale 🐳

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The roadmap is simple. The DAO is owned by the community, and continues to acquire Cool Cats over time, funded via OpenSea royalties.

– To show our belief in Mutant Cats, the team is fronting another 100 ETH to the DAO from upcoming royalties, on top of the initial 50 ETH allocated to start the DAO!
– 7.5% of OpenSea royalties go to the DAO, with 2.5% each going to OpenSea fees, and development. The community can vote to increase royalties to fund the DAO further.
– The DAO purchases Cool Cats (voted by the community – either floor or rare) to place into a vault
– This creates a $FISH token which will be distributed to holders via staking
– Staked Mutant Cats earn 10 $FISH/day in passive rewards
– Holders have governance voting rights over the DAO’s total assets.

A lot of the projects that I cover and showcase in these videos are sponsored. That doesn’t change the fact that I would gladly recommend them based on my personal taste and interest. That being said, whether it’s me or anyone else recommending any projects, please do your own research and never invest any money you cant afford to lose. Even the most stable and highest potential projects can completely fail or get hacked so always be careful and invest smart.

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