NFT Art vs Utility – How To Look at NFTs From an Investors Standpoint

How do you judge an NFTs value and make buying or selling decisions? By the art? By the utility? Or maybe even by the price? Today I want to talk about what I look at when trying to make a buying or selling decision with NFTs.

NFT Projects Mentioned in the video:
▪ Outkast –
▪ Jungle Freaks –
▪ Inglorious Orcs Brawl Party –
▪ Shogun S侍murais –
▪ Doge Pound NFT –

A lot of the projects that I cover and showcase in these videos are sponsored. That doesn’t change the fact that I would gladly recommend them based on my personal taste and interest. That being said, whether it’s me or anyone else recommending any projects, please do your own research and never invest any money you cant afford to lose. Even the most stable and highest potential projects can completely fail or get hacked so always be careful and invest smart.

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More about Inglorious Orcs Brawl Party

hand-drawn collection of 10,000 NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain. The Inglorious Orcs are the descendants of an ancient forgotten horde. Only a few survived from their journey to the Metaverse and they are more than ready to rumble.
The Inglorious Orcs are the direct descendants of an ancient forgotten Horde, only a few survived from their epic journey through wars and seasons to finally arrive to the Metaverse.

More About Shogun Samurais

SHOGUN S侍MURAIS is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFT Samurais living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Each of them has sworn an oath to one of the 8 Legendary Shoguns, personifying the virtue of the Shogun and dedicating themselves to a lifelong service to the Bushido code.
Each S侍MURAI is unique and is created from over 100 hand-drawn traits.

More About the Doge Pound
The Doge Pound is 10,000 art pieces carefully chosen by Professor Elon. A unique digital collection of diverse NFTs lying on Ethereum Blockchain. Each one is thoughtfully designed, specifically picked, and impeccably shaped. Join us on our adventure and have a good time. Having a Doge Token grants you creative and commercial rights, as well as inclusion in the gang.
Doge Pound Puppies is a collection of 10,000+ art pieces that are only available for The Doge Pound Holders. Each OG Doge Holder will be able to mint a puppy with any traits. Proportion is 1:1 which means you can mint as many puppies as you have OG Doges. Open a crate and discover your puppy!

More about Outkast:
Your OUTKAST NFT acts as your membership card to the OUTKAST universe and grants access to members-only benefits. These benefits include complete intellectual property rights over the likeness of your NFT while you own it that transfer upon sale. Holders may also gain passive income by staking their NFTs. While staked the NFT will be locked and unable to sell for a predetermined amount of time. Stakers will receive rewards in the form of OUTKAST Tokens that are airdropped into the wallets of the stakers. These tokens can be traded and redeemed in the marketplace and eventually within the OUTKAST metaverse and gaming applications. The Outkast Tokens can only be created by staking the NFT and these tokens will be burned forever if the holder were to purchase a fusing mechanism from the Outkast marketplace that enables the fusion of two separate Outkast NFTs into one providing a deflationary utility to the project.

More about Jungle Freaks:
Jungle Freaks is a collection of 100% HAND DRAWN FREAKS by legendary Hustler Mag Cartoonist George Trosley. These 10,000 Freaks live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain.

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