Terra Blockchain App Architecture Workshop, Live Smart Contract Dev Q&A

*Disclaimer: No warranty. See more below.*
Whether you’re participating in the DeFi Connected Hackathon or just learning more about coding Terra applications, this workshop is for you!

2:00 Simple Terra App Architecture
6:34 Terra App Development
9:20 Smart Contract Advantages
13:49 Smart Contract Limitations
19:47 Using Smart Contracts in Your Terra App
25:51 Connecting Your Web App to Your Terra Smart Contract
30:12 Where to Learn More
32:58 Lots of Great Dev Questions, Answered!

Watch other development videos, including environment setup and a smart contract code walkthrough, at bit.ly/TerraAcademy.

Learn more about the Terra DeFi Connected hackathon at https://eventornado.com/event/defi-connected

Slide deck available at https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/146qzutcnSuu6fl-2CUMAdsfVTQ8fllzVZiksh7flB2Q/edit

*Disclaimer: Technology covered in Terra Academy, including third-party technology, may be in pre-stable stages of development. Any usage of any technology is at your own risk. No warranty is offered, neither express nor implied, and you assume full and sole responsibility for any errors or failures, technical or otherwise, which may occur in any project using any of the technology mentioned.*

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