Terra Weekly News Bite, 18 Feb: 2X Burning, 10X Stake Rewards, Saturn, Stargate, LUNA Giveaway!

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**News for 11 February – 18 February 2021**

– Who the F#!K is Alice?
– Saturn.Money. Burning improvements again! 10X staking rewards for LUNA stakers!
– Stargate offers IBC and more to Cosmos-based chains, including Terra
– View the video on interacting with the Terra blockchain using Python at https://twitter.com/3william5chen/status/1361456280921985024.
– Read Do’s post about Terraform Labs priorities for Q1 2021 infrastructure development at https://agora.terra.money/t/tfl-engr-priorities-for-q1-2021/388/3
– Listen for details on our next LUNA giveaway!

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