With 78 days left in 2021, we are well into our Q4 bullrun. Bitcoin is approaching all-time highs and what will follow is massive capital pouring into Altcoins. This is your chance to make life-changing wealth and change your life FOREVER! Find out what coins the Sniper is tracking for the biggest gains of ALTSEASON and which degen small caps we’re banking on taking us to Valhalla!


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00:00 Show Summary
01:22 Intro
03:45 Bitcoin Dominance Break-Out
04:45 Bitcoin (BTC)
05:45 Higher Timeframes
06:40 Getting the Entry
07:25 BTC Dominance
08:20 Crypto Total Market Cap
09:00 Crypto is Fun
10:29 Break-Out Point
11:00 Polkadot (DOT)
11:26 Ethereum (ETH)
12:35 Crypto is Serious
13:22 ETH True Alt Indicator
14:48 USDT Dominance
15:10 When to buy
15:45 Five Alts to be In
16:30 Q4 Bull-Run Portfolio
17:14 When to take Profits?
18:13 Timing
18:36 Arwaeve (AR)
19:30 Trendlines & Stochastic RSI
20:12 Tezos (XTZ)
21:45 Algorand (ALGO)
22:30 Make a List
23:45 Chainlink (LINK)
24:20 Where to Buy
25:12 Coins move Quickly
26:20 BTC Demand Zones
28:15 DOT to 80$
28:45 Parachain Ecosystems
29:23 Coti (COTI)
30:00 Dogecoin (DOGE)
31:09 dYdX (DYDX)
31:32 FTX Exchange ((FTT)
31:36 Kusama (KSM)
32:15 Chainlink (LINK)
32:52 Terra (LUNA)
33:05 Polygon (MATIC)
33:37 UNI / XRP
33:58 Buy on Pull-Backs
34:33 Solana (SOL)
35:50 Superfarm (SUPER)
36:28 Elrond (EGLD)
36:55 Dream Quest Giveaways
37:55 Fantom (FTM)
38:30 OMG Network (OMG)
39:00 V-Chain (VET) & (VTHO)
39:27 ThorChain (RUNE)
39:57 Cardano (ADA)
40:20 Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)
40:48 Theta Fuel (TFUEL)
41:08 Keep3r Network (Keep3r)
41:37 Sandbox (SAND)
42:14 Reserve Rights (RSR)
43:20 Fundamentals
43:38 Dream Quest Giveaways
45:10 Outro
45:40 #Afterbanter

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