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Greetings all,

As 2022 approaches, we’re proud to share that we are growing stronger and bigger by the day. You may have come across the recent CEO note where we highlighted our vision and ambitions moving forward. In line with this, we’re looking for diverse talent and skill sets — from both the commercial and technical sides: motivated go-getters who will help make our goals a reality.

Zilliqa has been making strides on every front recently. We’ve established game-changing partnerships in the music and eSports worlds, enhanced our NFT Standard, grown staking options with leading market players like Binance, and strengthened our DeFi ecosystem. But the stuff we’ve got in the pipeline is even more exciting. Don’t wait another day to apply!

Job Listings

Our job listings can be found on the Zilliqa Career Page. Our current openings include:

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At Zilliqa, we aim to hire the best talent who come to us with the right skillset, experience and attitude. These people will be instrumental to the long-term success and growth of our Zilliqa Research, its partners, and the ecosystem.

We’re a diverse, ambitious and forward-looking team excited about what we do. We value integrity, excellence, transparency and accountability, and welcome skilled people that could help us push the boundaries. We’re highly receptive to innovative and groundbreaking ideas that can lead to dramatic business outcomes.

Why Work at Zilliqa?

Besides the fact that we’re a leading layer-1 protocol, have the most incredible apps being built on Zilliqa and are filled with incredibly smart and creative people? Here’s why:

  • Global Presence and Flexibility: We’re growing globally. We can hire from anywhere in the world, as long as the candidates have the right skill set, experience and mindset. We embrace diversity.
  • Growth mindset: We aim to hire candidates that believe in their ability and bring along the right skills and experience to our organisation.
  • The right fit: To us, the ‘right fit’ isn’t just about the skills but also about personality and how one might manage interpersonal relationships and challenges. This is critical to fostering a positive working environment and team spirit — and in turn impacts motivation and productivity.
  • Longevity: We aim to hire a stable and productive team of people committed to our organisation. We focus on longevity hiring instead of hiring to patch-up short term business needs.

Benefits and Perks

  • A highly fulfilling, mission-driven culture
  • A mix of autonomous and team-oriented work
  • Competitive salary
  • Stock options and token incentive plan
  • Flexible work schedule and location

Zilliqa strives to create a positive and collaborative environment to become the top layer-1 protocol, the go-to platform for global dApps and the engine of the creator economy.

You could be key to our mission. Apply Today.

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